Saturday, December 30, 2006


I am working on an XS pair of WonderPants from Wooly Wonder in Bartletts. So far they have a light brown waistband and the body is red. With the light brown I also put an intarsia "W"(for our last name) on the butt. I think I need to add more light brown intarsia things because I might run short on red. I will do the cuffs in light brown, but those will only be about an inch long. The pattern estimates 6oz of yarn needed. I only have 4 oz of red! I thought about stripes, but think that might look a little silly just on the legs. I have seen it done, though, and it isn't too bad. Thinking maybe just a couple basic shapes. I don't know! Stripes would be easier! I sort of wish that I would have done cables from the waistband down the sides of the legs with the brown, but now that I am just about to split for the legs, I think it is too late.

Finished a Giving Pixie hat from Little Turtle Knits around Thanksgiving, will post a pic soon! The hat is so cute! I used incredibly delicious yarn. Noro Kochoran, 50% wool, 20% silk and 30% angora. I think I am going to get some to make myself a hat next time I'm at the shop. I love this pattern and it knit up in a day!

Just about finished with the simple baby cardigan from Knitting Pure and Simple. About 5 inches of an arm and 4 ties left. I am using awesome yarn on this one. It is for the new baby. I made the smallest size and it looks like it should fit 0-6 months! The yarn is from Schaefer's Laurel line. Mercerized Pima Cotton in the Judy Garland colorway. I try to stay away from yarn that has been processed too much, but Dale from Twisted Warp and Skeins and I read about mercerization and it really didn't bug me. Basically mercerization is a simple process where the cotton yarn is held at a certain tension and soaked in a 20-23% caustic acid (lye) solution for ten minutes. Then it is burnished, I think that is the right term, basically all the fuzzies are burned off the yarn leaving it super smooth. The mercerization helps the yarn to hold dye better. One look at the Schaefer mercerized cotton and you won't doubt that! This stuff is bright and beautiful.
I still have to finish the Knucks for my step-dad. I am almost done with one and I just don't want to work on them! We are having a late Christmas, on the fourth, with my mom and him so I got a break from Christmas knitting. I started baby knitting and now I don't want to switch back. I am already doing a plain ribbed cuff on his knucks unlike the neat chevron one that I did on my little brother's pair (see post below for picture.) I am tempted to skip out on the "Hunt, Fish" embroidery, but we will see what happens when I actually get them done. I have until Thursday. It is a great pattern, but dammit it's boring and I want to knit stuff for the new baby even if those patterns aren't super intriguing either!
I think that is all that is on and off the needles for now. Pictures soon!

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