Thursday, August 30, 2007

A hat for Irie.

I bought a pair of handsewn pants and a pair of shorts from this momma. Also see her eBay store.
Well, the pants and shorts never arrived! After much waiting and multiple trips to the post office for both of us, she was kind enough to make me another pair of pants. So awesome of her! I decided to knit her daughter a hat as a thank-you.
Here is Taso modeling Elizabeth Zimmermann's Spiral or Snail hat knit in my own handspun merino top.

My very own socks!

I have knit a few pairs of socks before, but never for me. Some for Taso, a store sample, a pair for my grandma, and a couple of pairs of pedicure socks last christmas.
Finally, a pair for me! The yarn is Nancy by Schaefer Yarns(love their yarn SO much!) and was kindly donated to me for no reason other than she could barely look at, by Pam at Twisted Warp and Skeins. She and another woman had tried knitting and weaving with it and they both just seemed to despise it. The colors were so pretty I took her up immediately when she told me to take the huge cake of yarn home! I started socks that night! With a fiber content of 95% merino and 5% nylon, the yarn just said socks. The nylon is actually a runner thread twisted around the merino, I think that will help keep the socks strong. Kind of like holding nylon with your yarn while knitting the heel, maybe?
The second sock is just about done, a few more inches on the foot and then the toe. I am planning to try some toe-up socks next. Let me know if you have any great patterns for toe-up socks! I would like something a bit prettier, not just a boring stocking stitch!
This is not the best picture, but you sure do get a great view of my unshaven legs!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Alpaca/Corriedale Yarn

Yummy handspun yarn. I love my Louet Victoria!
This will soon be a pair of cozy winter pants for Abe. I will knit it up using the Perfection Pants pattern from Wooly Wonder. It is a great pattern for pants where you just plug in your gauge and the babies measurements and then it spits out a pattern to guide you.

Roving and Yarn!

Alpaca/Tussah Silk roving. It has an incredible softness, strength, and weight to it. I am spinning it lace weight and plan to start knitting a Pi shawl very soon.

After I washed the hanks, I hung it to dry in the bathroom. I had a bit too much twist and thought maybe I could hang some ketchup to straighten it out. Then I started worrying that would cause a kink in the bottom of the yarn. After Adam snapped this photo, I took the ketchup back to the pantry.

This is what I finished at the Tuesday Circle at Twisted Warp and Skeins last night. 325 glorious yards all spun on one bobbin!

Wooly Wonder Shorties w/ Cable

Bartlett's Fisherman Wool knit on #9 needles. 4 stitch basic cable with purl border. Applied I-cord trim.

Super cute :)