Monday, November 20, 2006

Christmas FO's

1. Pocketbook slippers and hummingbird dishcloth from "Garden Dishcloths to Knit"for my grandmother. Both knit from Cream and Sugar (or whatever it is called) cotton yarn. The slippers seem true to the real color, but the dishcloth came out looking a lot darker, it is actually a light blue.
2. Extra Superwash Merino Panta for my momma!
3. Hand-dyed thick and thin Panta for me. Really pretty yarn, can not remember the name of it and it is so much better in person.
4. Pedicure socks. Patons craperino.
5. Felted Bowl. Patons.
6. Felted Bowl. Regular Lopi.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the captions for photos...

After putting the pictures in, I click on the "Edit HTML" tab and put a little text (like "xxx") after each picture (right after the "greater than" sign after "slash a"). Then go back to the "Compose" tab. Then you can double-click on each "xxx" and replace it with the text you want.

By the way, the gifts look great!

Ashley said...

hmmm. i'll try that! thank you :)