Tuesday, May 13, 2008

apple valley yarn company

i am at a new job! i love it so much! apple valley yarn company. back with the old crew from lily lane knits. it is such a blessing, the shop in bay city was not a perfect fit.

adam and i are looking at houses to buy. we just looked at a total fixer upper. the upstairs has minimal electric wired to it. a ceiling light or two and two plugs!

upside - i could have a couple of sheep or goats!

current projects:

tomten for taso, socks for taso, socks for abe, socks for my mom, socks for adam, sweater for me, sweater for a lil girl, hopefully that's it!

for the yarn shop, i am working on a baby sweater, the lace ripple scarf, and soon a rug from brown sheeps burly spun.

i am going to start a mochimochi land pattern and a little turtle knits fulled crown for taso's third birthday.

i booked a real live musician for taso's birthday. he is nutso over music. this is a fairly local children's environmental-type folky guy, Joe Reilly. check him out at spiritboy.org

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