Friday, June 01, 2007

editing blogs.

you know, i have the hardest time getting the pictures and text where i want them and i am not even trying to do anythine fantastic, just lined up with the text under or above the proper picture!
i have been messing with the previous post for ten minutes + and it still isn't looking right. oh well, at least there are new picture for whoever is looking at this!

outdoor knitting

Taso did this.

and wouldn't let me take him out.
So I went in and grabbed a blanket for his head

and this.

The start of a Punk Knitters soaker out of Manos del Uraguay. It is
now finished and Abe is wearing it all the time. I'll put a picture of that up soon.

PP longies

I posted these longies a bit ago. Had to share Abe the smilin' man. Pretty sure this kid is an old soul. Doing things I haven't seen a one month old do! Returning smiles, sticking his tongue out when you do, and I even had him laughing last night! In this picture he was about a month old, he will be 7 weeks this coming Monday.

booga boys!

more sleepy cuddlies...


sleepy cuddlies.

soaker sack

Points for using all oddballs on this soaker sack! From top to bottom :

Brown handspun alpaca by Pam
Green Kool-Aid dyed recycled from a thrift store sweater wool.
Red Bartletts wool.
Yellow Bartletts wool.
Red Bartletts wool.
Blue Peace Fleece.
Orange Kool-Aid dyed recycled from a thrift store sweater wool.
Blue Peace Fleece.
My handspun llama.
Food coloring and Kool-Aid dyed recycled from a thrift store sweater wool.
Same orange, same red as above.
Coffee dyed recycled yada yada yada.
Lisa's handspun llama.

Well, it is lovely, but proving to be a bit heavy for the warm weather we are now having!

PP shorties

Abe in his Manos del Uraguay Picky Pants shorties. Not that you can see much of the shorties...

Taso likes his sink.

Here he is hanging out in his new favorite place to sit... the kitchen sink of his play-kitchen.