Wednesday, April 11, 2007

FO - Gnome Hat and Stripey Slippers

Gnome hat (no pattern) and LTK Stripey Slippers knit in Noro Kochoran. I love, love, love that yarn! I need to enlist Adam to help with pictures from now on. He saw me taking this one and insisted the gnomes jump in!

Baby Gifts!!!

My friends are too good to me! Below is a Punk Knitters Soaker from Lisa knit from her own handspun merino! It was a little big, so I bravely (I was so scared I would ruin it) felted it in my front loader. It came out perfect and still so soft. I will dye it once the baby gets here. I might add cuffs, but am going to wait to see the chunk factor of the babies thighs first!

Next, two pairs of lovely socks from Sally who I work (I am not going to give in to saying I no longer work at Lily Lane Knits!) with at Lily Lane Knits. Can not wait to put these on the baby! I put them in a lanolin soak and they are super soft now. These served as inspiration for the two pairs of socks I whipped up for Taso last week.

Here is a super cute Mason Dixon Baby Kimono and matching booties from Crystal. If the baby isn't a girl, she says she will knit me a more boyish one, but that means I have to give this one up and I don't know if I am comfortable with that! It is too cute!

Last, but not least, is an awesome baby set from my friend's Chantella and Haley. Chantella (who just started knitting a couple months ago!!!) did the sweater and her daughter, Haley, made the matching hat and socks. Knit from the soy/wool blend from Patons. The colorway is super nice and the yarn is very soft!

WIP - EZs Tomten Jacket

Tomten jacket from Elizabeth Zimmerman's "An Opinionated Knitter" knit in Mother Nature's Yarns hemp/wool blend. I love this yarn! It is so good to work with that I am even going to (someday) knit Adam (large, tall man I call my husband, see previous entries for him sporting the Babywearer poncho) a sweater out of it. This jacket is the smallest size and will probably fit the baby for quite some time. When this one is done, I am going to start one for Taso in the next size up from the same yarn.

FO - Taso Socks!

Rainbow colorway socks knit in Schaefer Laurel Mercerized Pima Cotton. This is leftover yarn from the KPS cardigan way back in the blog. Taso really likes them and I really like him wearing hand-knit socks. Makes me feel good! Just a random online sock pattern.

Superwash Merino socks from the same pattern I used with the Laurel socks, but on these I ribbed the top of the sock all the way down. I really like how these fit Taso's feet. I can't remember the name of the yarn, but it is something that Lily Lane Knits carries.

FO - Organic Cotton Baby Washcloths

Twisted Warp and Skeins just got in some of the new Lion Brand Organic Cotton yarn and of course I had to try it! It is super soft and okay to work with, but does split easy. The softness makes up for the splitting, though! I didn't want to buy enough to make a whole garment and Taso and the new one need new washcloths anyway! With two washcloths done, it looks like I will be able to make five total from four hanks.

WIP - LTK Picky Pants Capris in Bartletts

Small Picky Pants from Little Turtle Knits in Bartletts with handspun llama trim. These are currently bagged and shelved with only one leg and the crotch graft to go. I figured I could wait until I find out if this kid is a boy or girl before finishing them.

FO - Mason Dixon Knitting ABSORBA!

This bathmat seemed to take me forever to knit. Mostly because I just did not want to knit it. If you ever need a knitting work-out and really want to feel the burn, pick up the Absorba that you are knitting with five strands of dishcloth cotton on size 15s! I am happy to say that it is done! This picture shows its size after having been washed and dried once. It really did not shrink too much, not as much as the dishcloths do. I am so happy it is done!!!

Almost FO - Jen Wrap Soaker

Chamomile tea-dyed Jen Wrap Soaker. Needs buttons and I might overdye it with kool-aid once I know if the baby is a boy or girl. Knit with pencil roving from Twisted Warp and Skeins.

FO - XS Wonderpants w/ Manos del Uruguay

XS Wooly Wonderpants knit with Manos in Caribe. Merino trim.

FO - Tiny Birds Longies in Bartletts

Well, the pants are finished after being bagged and shelved for who knows how long. One small issue, they were supposed to be for a six month old! Instead Taso has a new pair of long shorts. They must have been hanging down a bit in the picture because they are just a bit shorter. The pattern is Tiny Birds Longies, the yarn is Bartletts from Lily Lane Knits, and I put a "No Strings Attached" waistband on them.