Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Baby Gifts!!!

My friends are too good to me! Below is a Punk Knitters Soaker from Lisa knit from her own handspun merino! It was a little big, so I bravely (I was so scared I would ruin it) felted it in my front loader. It came out perfect and still so soft. I will dye it once the baby gets here. I might add cuffs, but am going to wait to see the chunk factor of the babies thighs first!

Next, two pairs of lovely socks from Sally who I work (I am not going to give in to saying I no longer work at Lily Lane Knits!) with at Lily Lane Knits. Can not wait to put these on the baby! I put them in a lanolin soak and they are super soft now. These served as inspiration for the two pairs of socks I whipped up for Taso last week.

Here is a super cute Mason Dixon Baby Kimono and matching booties from Crystal. If the baby isn't a girl, she says she will knit me a more boyish one, but that means I have to give this one up and I don't know if I am comfortable with that! It is too cute!

Last, but not least, is an awesome baby set from my friend's Chantella and Haley. Chantella (who just started knitting a couple months ago!!!) did the sweater and her daughter, Haley, made the matching hat and socks. Knit from the soy/wool blend from Patons. The colorway is super nice and the yarn is very soft!

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