Thursday, August 31, 2006

An update for Lisa.

First of all, congrats to both of us for being with child!
I have been working on a few things. I can never work on just one thing. I have about ten pairs of longies to knit for Taso and Azalea. Taso is getting so tall, the legs take forever and it gets so boring knitting around and around! I have only knit soakers and a pair of shorties for Azalea so far and those knit up quick. Her longies will go quick since she is so little. I ran a Peace Fleece co-op and now have a lot of Peace Fleece for the longies. Pretty much all of Taso and Azalea's longies will be made from Peace Fleece this winter. I don't know about all that jive about Peace Fleece being rough and scratchy, seems pretty soft to me and I have yet to even lanolize. Anyway, some pictures...

My new toy.

After we took out the hanks for some women on wool_soaker_group, Taso had some fun!

I whipped this set up in about a half hour while cleaning my sewing room. Longies and a wetbag from a felted sweater.

I accidentally sewed the waistband on inside out, oh well!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Where are the pictures??

This is getting silly! I really need to post some pictures, but I have to go get ready for the Dunegrass festival this weekend! I finished another ottobre, a pair of WW longies, and one leg of a pair of Tiny Birds longies. Also finished two gnomes ala the Seasons Originals pattern. Pictures hopefully before I leave tomorow. Tomorow morning is the LLL Breastfeeding Walk in Bay City. I hope to make it out...