Monday, March 19, 2007

New Hat for Taso.

You can not see the colors too well in this picture, but it is a really nice kettle-dyed yarn from Manos del Uruguay. This yarn is so good to work with.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

FO - Knitting Pure and Simple Children's Tunic

Finished yesterday. Taso's face is all red because we had just gotten back into the house from trying to fly a kite in 30mph winds! Brrrrr!

FO - Felted Ball

I took a huge ball roving and hand-felted it for awhile in the sink, then I threw it into the washer for a cycle. It came out a nice size, but needed some needle-felting to finish it up. I borrowed a 6 needle felting tool from TWS , tossed a bag of small colored roving chunks at Adam and told him to get to work! He had fun. We are definitely buying one of those tools sometime. We only have single felting needles right now.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I love this picture.

I love this picture so much. I wanted it to headline the blog until I update again.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

FO - Lisa, I made a dishcloth!

Started this after SnB last night and finished this morning.
My count was messed up on one row, but it's a dishcloth, big deal!!!!!

FO - Lalo!

Boy doll from Knitted Toys. Knit with dishcloth cotton, handspun alpaca hat, and stuffed with wool. Taso named him Lalo.

WIP - Tunic

Knitting Pure and Simple Tunic for Taso. It looks huge and it is a bit big, but not as massive as the picture makes it look. Knit with Southwest Trading Companies Karoake. 50%wool/50%soy silk. The yarn is super soft. Just the sleeves to go!

FO - Picky Pants longies and shorties

Picky Pants from LTK. Knit with Blackberry Ridge Kaleidoscope yarn in Sierra Madre. This yarn is amazing! I love it! I put an enclosed elastic waistband on each pair.

FO - Briar Rose Sleepy Soaker Sack

Sleepy Soaker Sack with Curly Purly Waistband. Knit with Briar Rose Sonoma.

FO - Briar Rose Wonder Pants

XS WonderPants knit with Briar Rose Sonoma.

WIP - Handspun Wonderpants

Spinning merino as I go for these pants. Turning out really soft and nice. These will be for the new babe to wear next fall. I plan to tea or coffee dye them. Only bummer is that I couldn't buy enough white roving at one time for the entire pair of pants. I went back when more roving came into the shop and now my pants are two different whites. The top is super angel baby white and the legs are more like antique white. Get over it, right? I hope the dyeing process will even things out.

WIP - Absorba

Still not finished! Slow progress on this, but I love the way it is coming along. Knit with 5 strands of dishcloth cotton.

FO - Cabled Sweater

Taso looks so great in this sweater, I will have to take a picture of him wearing it. Knit with Extra Superwash Merino.

Food Coloring Dyed Roving

Food-coloring dyed roving for another hexagon rug. This one will be blue and green. It's going to be a pond and grass for Taso's barn animals. I will attach it to the first one (see earlier post) that I made and then make one more for a total of 3 hexagons. Pattern from a Rafter 4 book.
I have one blue section of the rug completed. I forgot to take a picture of that, so I will post it later!

FO - Pack-Pack

I had a lot more to say about this Pack-Pack, but Blogger ate my post. Knit with a double-strand of Lite Lopi. The Pack-Pack didn't turn out quite the way I wanted it, but the gnome I needle-felted on looks great!
See earlier post for pre-felted Pack-Pack.

FO - Giving Pixie Hat

A really silly picture of Taso modeling his finished Giving Pixie Hat. I love this hat, but it doesn't fit his head right. The back is just kind of funky. He still wears it, though! Knit with Noro Kochoran, which I absolutely adore!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Fo - Fiber Trends Felt Cap

Birthday present for Grandpa. He really likes it! Knit with Brown Sheep Company Lamb's Pride and Nature Spun. I probably won't use this wool again, even though it is wonderful to knit with and felts awesome. Check this out. Mothproof.