Thursday, September 28, 2006

Recycled Yarn Fun

I finished unraveling this sweater

and dyed three of the five hanks with kool-aid and food coloring.

I'm going to make Taso a pumpkin soaker w/ the orange and green. Not sure (nak) what I'll do with the undyed hanks. Maybe something for the baby?

SnB was good last night. Glad to have Lisa back!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

WIP, FO, and more...

My first ever yarn, well not counting the yard or two I did on the drop spindle before moving to the wheel.

This is what I am working on now, a M/L pair of Wooly Wonder Pants with a really pretty shade of Peace Fleece that just looks like black because I took a quick picture.

WW Pants Finished. They are so cute on Taso!

One of the three Pedicure socks that need to be done by Christmas...

Kool-Aid dyed roving. Tropical Punch and Orange. I think I am calling this color scheme blood orange. Blood Oranges are tasty and they look just like this!

The yarn from the dyed roving that I have spun so far.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I took a spinning class!

Last night I went to Twisted Warp and Skein and had my first spinning lesson. It consisted of a short fiber overview where I got to feel a ton of different fibers. Then I was taught how to drop spindle. Don't hate it, certaintly didn't fall in love with it. Then when I had the hang of that (minus the dropping part, I'll hold it between my knees/feet thank you very much) Pam moved me on over to the spinning wheels. She had me pedal all of the wheels in the store to see which I thought I might like the most. So far, I like the two treadle (pedal?) ones the best. The one I picked to start on, I didn't end up loving. But I shouldn't blame the machine, huh? I did alright. I made yarn! They had me start out with "craft roving" which they also call "cheap-cheap." I thought it was okay, but I could see how nicer wool would be more satisfying. I did get into the groove for a foot or two here and there, it felt so calming and nice! I am hooked. Who's going to give me a wheel? Can you imagine if I woke up and checked Freecycle and bammo "Who needs a spinning wheel?" Like that would happen! Anyway, so I took home the rest of the roving and today I dyed it with Tropical Punch and Orange Kool-Aid. I am not up for putting pictures on now, but you better believe they are coming. I finished a pair of Tiny Birds longies for Azalea, I finished a pair of WW pants in Ancient Fern Peace Fleece, the latter (and the former is good, too!) came out so cool! The buttons I put on the cargo pockets fit the pants perfect. I also tried the No Strings Attached waistband and it seems to be working great. My only complaint and it may be because I put the elastic on tight because Taso has a small waist, is that the ribbing is flaring out and down. The pair of WW pants I just started for Taso I am doing less ribbing. Usually I add an extra inch for the rise in the ribbing, this time I guess I will just put it in the body. SnB tomorow evening folks! Pictures soon, I promise!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Kool Aid Fun

Why do I always draw flowers? I always do it and they do not even look neat! Stop the insanity. I need to branch out, like into trees, maybe? Here are some pictures from the fun Adam and I just had painting on a cut up felted wool sweater that will soon be a new wetbag for us.

Adam painting with Taso on his back in the Ergo.

All done. Adam's looks way nicer. We had a blast and can not wait to share painting on wool felt with Taso!