Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I took a spinning class!

Last night I went to Twisted Warp and Skein and had my first spinning lesson. It consisted of a short fiber overview where I got to feel a ton of different fibers. Then I was taught how to drop spindle. Don't hate it, certaintly didn't fall in love with it. Then when I had the hang of that (minus the dropping part, I'll hold it between my knees/feet thank you very much) Pam moved me on over to the spinning wheels. She had me pedal all of the wheels in the store to see which I thought I might like the most. So far, I like the two treadle (pedal?) ones the best. The one I picked to start on, I didn't end up loving. But I shouldn't blame the machine, huh? I did alright. I made yarn! They had me start out with "craft roving" which they also call "cheap-cheap." I thought it was okay, but I could see how nicer wool would be more satisfying. I did get into the groove for a foot or two here and there, it felt so calming and nice! I am hooked. Who's going to give me a wheel? Can you imagine if I woke up and checked Freecycle and bammo "Who needs a spinning wheel?" Like that would happen! Anyway, so I took home the rest of the roving and today I dyed it with Tropical Punch and Orange Kool-Aid. I am not up for putting pictures on now, but you better believe they are coming. I finished a pair of Tiny Birds longies for Azalea, I finished a pair of WW pants in Ancient Fern Peace Fleece, the latter (and the former is good, too!) came out so cool! The buttons I put on the cargo pockets fit the pants perfect. I also tried the No Strings Attached waistband and it seems to be working great. My only complaint and it may be because I put the elastic on tight because Taso has a small waist, is that the ribbing is flaring out and down. The pair of WW pants I just started for Taso I am doing less ribbing. Usually I add an extra inch for the rise in the ribbing, this time I guess I will just put it in the body. SnB tomorow evening folks! Pictures soon, I promise!

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