Saturday, December 02, 2006

Wine Cozy

Wine Cozy from Knitty.Knit with a double-strand of Lite Lopi in various colors. Yay stash-yarn reduction! This was harsh to knit as the pattern called for #4 needles. I was a little worried when I first tried it on the wine bottle. I think I should have used #5 needles, but never bothered to check my gauge! After wetting and blocking it, I have to say it looks alright. The seam shows a bit more than I would like and the rim around the base doesn't quite stick out from under the bottle as much as it should, but oh well. This was my first time doing stripes. It is crucial to just let go and not try to form a pattern, I think. Thank you, Lisa, for helping me figure out how to block it to get that extra bit of stretch I needed! I am busy trying to figure out what is approx. the size of the wine bottle that I could stick in there while it dried and she pipes up, "How about you just wrap the wine bottle in a plastic bag and stick it in?" DUH! I had been worried about the labels on the bottle being ruined from the water. Lisa is so smart. Oh, one other thing. I set the wine cozy on top of a prefold diaper to dry because it was the closet thing in reach (of course it was clean!) that diaper sucked all the moisture out of the cozy! It was seriously amazing! The whole diaper was damp even though the cozy only touched a small circle of the diaper. I changed the diaper when I noticed it was wet and stuck a new one under it. It was dry in less than 12 hours! Awesome!

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