Saturday, December 02, 2006

Felted Rose Pin

Felted Rose Pin for my grandma. I started off with a pattern from Nicky Epsteins "Knitted Flowers", but the yarn I used was too thick. I was determined to not have to knit such a plain old piece again out of sheer desire to not want to snap my needles in half! I went online looking for pictures of other knitted roses and saw one on the Plethora of Petals pattern on Knitty. I ended up cutting my felted (glad I decided to try felting it to make it work before I gave up!) piece and then using yarn to gather the bottom, rather than just rolling it up. Basically before I cut half of it off and used the yarn to gather, it was pretty much a cinnamon roll! So, having the rose looking decent, I went ahead and knit the leaf Nicky called for in her pattern. She suggested doing two leaves, sew them together and make 2. I opted to knit one leaf double-stranded! I used Bartletts for the flower and Lite Lopi for the leaf. Now I just need to pick up a pin back and sew it on. I do think it turned out alright!

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