Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Socks done!

I finished my plain jane socks. I used the Campfire socks pattern from Cider Moon, but omitted the pattern and just knit stockinette around. I have been drooling over their fibers lately. I'll post some pictures of the finished socks soon.
I have been working on a pinwheel sweater for a trade for some hand sewn winter short pants. Pretty excited about that. I went into the pattern thinking it would be a super quick knit, but simple does not always equate quick. I am doing the garter border, two or so more inches to go, and am getting bored! After that there is the billion stitch I-cord trim and the sleeves. It is going to be a great sweater, but wow, I already have over 10 hours into the thing! A little worried that I might run out of yarn, but I say I have enough, so that is that!
I started to work on the Cider Moon socks this evening at knitting circle and finished them up this evening as I had grabbed my knitting bag, but forgotten the Pinwheel sweater in the van.
Irie's hat is all packed up and ready to be shipped tomorrow. I hope it fits and that she loves it! Taso loves it and I have enough of that chunky hand spun merino left to knit one for him.
Wow, I have so many things that I want to do, things I need to knit, and with two very small children, where does the time go?
Well, the Abe-ster needs some momma milk. I'll leave you with a picture of Abe's very first swing ride.


Lizz said...

Sweet blog.

Cute kiddos!


Cinnamonamon said...

Cuties! I can't believe it didn't occur to me -- my baby is big enough for a swing now! I'm off to a park this week! :)

Beth said...

Someone on knitty said you may be co-oping some peace fleece. Is it true? Would you mind emailing me about it? wagaboodlemum (at) gmail...etc.

Beth said...

My blogger account was not right when I asked about the peace fleece co-op, so here I am so you can see that I'm a real person. The email address was correct, though.


I love your cabled soaker shorts, by the way!