Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A new hat for Abe!

Started this early afternoon today and finished it just a bit ago. The shaping doesn't fit his head the way I would like, but it is a hat and a warm one at that!
My handspun Corriedale (kool-aid dyed, Pam's handspun llama, our handspun plied together, and some green Tibet recycled silk and wool.

This hat began life as Spiral Rib Hat found in the Baby Hats section of knittingpatterncentral.com. After the ribbing, I started the spiral rib and didn't like the stitch pattern with the two-tone yarn. I frogged and then knit straight stockinette for 5 1/2". Checked out Susan B. Anthony's book o' hats for some inspiration on a gnome-like cap. I did whatever came out of the needles to the end of the hat and finished off with a short Idiot cord.

For the brim, I just chained on two and crocheted back and forth, sometimes skipping sts to produce a brim. Single crocheted around the entire rim of hat twice.



Lizz said...

Cute, I like it!

grampa said...

Nice derby for my Grandson!
Love you