Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ottobre Design Wool Soaker Knit-Along FINISHED!

I have the soaker finished, embellished, lanolized, and given to the lovely lady whom it now belongs! I embroidered the closest I could get to an azalea as that is the little ladies name :) It turned out pretty nice. I tried to fill in the flower two times, but I am not so good at embroidering yet. Anyway, here it is. The actual color is somewhere between these two shots. Pink recycled wool from thrift store sweater and lime kool-aid dyed white yarn from the same sweater. I have almost used up all that wool. Just enough to make a few gnomes, I think!


Pamelamama said...

just darling!

Ashley said...

thanks! I love how the lime green yarn turned out, I think I have just enough to do a really small newborn soaker or keep using it to accent other pieces.