Wednesday, January 09, 2008

the pilot cap from the previous post sold! finished another in bartlett's farm yarn last night and have one just about done (if i could just put on a podcast and start knitting!)
hopefully tomorrow i will be able to take some pictures, update the etsy, the blog, and maybe organize my hard drive as i prepare to welcome a new laptop!
the boys are doing great. taso is growing tall and his sentences longer. abe is crawling and pulling himself up on everything.
besides things for the shop, i am currently working on a knitting pure and simple tunic for abe and a tomten for taso.
i would really enjoy starting a pair of socks for adam soon, although in the time it may take me to knit him a pair of socks (size 13/14!!!) i could easily knit myself two. i have a gift cert. for a LYS, hoping some sock yarn for him pops out at me.
i am going to try to put an etsy mini on my blog now.


Knitserland said...

Nice new web layout and cute stuff for sale!

What's a solar powered sewing machine? (no smarty-pants answers please!) Did you buy this, convert it? Curious!

Ashley said...

My friend had a solar panel on the roof of her RV and there were some outlets that were powered by the panel, so she plugged in and was solar powered :) I miss you, Tina!!!!!

Knitterella said...

HI! I'm so glad you said you'll be working at LYS - I will defiantly come in when you are working. I have a gift card to use up there.

Hope to see you soon! (maybe I could come in and sit and knit for a lunch break)

Cinnamonamon said...

Congrats! Isn't it a rush to sell on etsy? :) I need to put some stuff up again...