Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Pics of the little Men .A proper update soon!

Abe and Pops taken just a few minutes ago! Abe is just over three months now.

and some knitting! I finished this sweater for Abe awhile ago, but have yet to post the specs on it. Just a simple Knitting Pure and Simple sweater.

Taso likes to help Abe learn to roll.

Abe in hand-knits by Grandma Bonnie.

Taso being a beach a bum at Lake Huron.

Abe and Taso snoozing in the backyard.

Hockey Tu-ton on the "toitet"
(Taso likes to call himself Hockey Tu-ton and wear Adam's hockey helmet, for days at a time.)


knitserland said...

Yeah, Ashely and family are back!!!

Abe is getting so big! And way too cute. Is that red hair I see?

Taso seems to be a super big brother - helping him roll, so sweet - he didn'g push him off the bed eventually did he? That would have been my oldest:)

Cute knitting stuff by both you and Grandma Bonnie.

Hope to see more soon. Everything looked fine to me on the site.


PS: Really jealous of the outdoor nap right now! I want to take one too!

Knitterella said...

OMG! Your boys are getting so big! What cutie pies :)


Love that quilt the boys are on!