Monday, May 07, 2007

Introducing... ABE WESTERVELT

Here he is :)

(wearing Picky Pants w/Curly Purly waistband knit in Manos del Uruguay yarn)

Just hanging out while I cleaned the bathroom before the knitters come over for SnB!

A little about the birth...

It went so well! Abe was born into my hands just an hour and forty-five minutes after waking me up to let me know he was ready to be born! I am still having a problem wrapping my brain around that one! An hour and forty-five minutes?! Taso took 13+ hours! They say the second kid comes fast, but seriously?? It was much more intense than my first labor. I am thinking that I probably slept through some of the beginning rushes. No time to fill the pool up, bounce on the birth ball, or even think about finding the birthing stool!
Taso woke up just before I started to push Abe out. As I was kneeling on the floor, leaning against the bed, he and Adam stood behind me and watched Abe be born. Taso pointed at Abe's emerging head and said, "Ow, Ow, Ow."
We decided to do a Lotus Birth, so for three days (that's how long it took for the cord to detach itself naturally, leaving a nice lil belly button) we carried Abe and his placenta around. Taso still asks about the "ladenta."

This is the afternoon after he was born, Abe was born at 4:45am. He weighed 9#7oz and was about 22 7/8" long! Big boy!
You can see the umbilical cord running from Abe to the placenta (it is all wrapped up in cloth diapers) on my leg. This was before we had named Abe, my mom brought over a name book for me to look through. We named him the morning after his placenta detached.
Abe is wearing a hat that Haley knit for him. I am glad I put it on right away, he is so big and it does not fit anymore!

Taso is getting used to us wearing Abe around a lot. We wanted him to join in the fun so we had Carolynn sew him his very own pouch to wear Lalo in!

This one is funny because both boys look a bit nervous!


Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful gentle introduction to the world. Congratulations!

Carolynn said...

He's gorgeous, Ashley -- I can't wait to see him IRL! I'm so glad Taso likes the sling. :)

knititch said...

congratualations ashley. loveable little boys.