Thursday, January 18, 2007


Trying for a chunky weight yarn to make Taso some really special longies out of. The base fiber is wool sliver (roving that still has a ton of lanolin in it) and I am adding in alpaca and llama here and there. These four hanks have been steamed and they came out of the steamer basket incredibly soft! I can not wait to start knitting with this yarn! All roving from Twisted Warp and Skeins.


Melinda said...

Hey Mama,

I'm OhMel over on MDC.. . everything looks wonderful. One question, why do you steam your homespun? I've never heard of that.


Ashley said...

The lady who taught me how to spin recommended doing this to "set the twist" in a single-ply yarn. It evens the twist out :)

Lisa said...

It's so pretty!!